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Grave Importance von Vivian Shaw PDF

A Dr Greta Helsing Novel von Vivian Shaw

Grave Importance von Vivian Shaw PDF
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'This book is a joy to read, unlocking every bit of delicious promise in the premise' B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog on Strange Practice


In the hills above Marseille, Oasis Natrun is a highly secret health spa for mummies, equipped with the very latest therapeutic innovations both magical and medical. To Dr Greta Helsing, it sounds like paradise. But when she takes the job of interim clinical director, it isn't long before Greta finds herself faced with a medical mystery that will take all her diagnostic skill to solve.

With help from her friends and colleagues — including demons, witches and the inimitable vampyre Sir Francis Varney — Greta must put a stop to this mysterious illness before anybody else crumbles to irreparable dust.

Praise for the series:

'I loved every page of it . . . a spectacularly fun book' Powder and Page

'Balances an agile mystery with a pitch-perfect, droll narrative and a cast of loveable misfit characters' Shelf Awareness

'Shaw's elegant writing makes this series a standout in the genre' Booklist

'Packed with characters who are a pleasure to spend time with' ScifiNow

Buchtitel:Grave Importance
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