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Family Trust von Kathy Wang: PDF

A sparkling satire about a rich family who nearly lost everything von Kathy Wang

Family Trust von Kathy Wang: PDF
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The BuzzFeed Book Club pick.

'A globe-trotting, whirlwind, tragi-comic family saga ... A joy to read from start to finish' ANDREW SEAN GREER, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Less.

Meet Stanley Huang: Father, husband, ex-husband, man of unpredictable temper, aficionado of bargain luxury goods. He's just been diagnosed with cancer, and his family are dealing with the fall-out.

Meet Stanley's family: Son Fred, a banker who never has enough money; daughter Kate, juggling a difficult boss and her two small children; ex-wife Linda, suspicious of Stanley's grand gestures; and second wife Mary, giver of foot rubs and ego massages.

Meet Stanley's fortune: As the Huangs come to terms with Stanley's approaching death, they are starting to fear that there's a lot less in the pot than they thought. And that's a problem when you're living in one of the wealthiest parts of California...

Spanning themes of culture, ambition, love and — most of all — family, this sparkling debut is a sharp, funny and loving portrait of modern Asian-American life.

'A brilliant mashup of Crazy Rich Asians and Arrested Development ... The best kind of family drama' Cristina Alger, author of The Banker's Wife.

'Deftly weaves together rich family drama, biting corporate satire and deeply felt immigrant story ... A sharp, spirited and wholly original take on the American Dream' JILLIAN MEDOFF.

'A wicked and witty send up of Asian-American Silicon Valley elite, a delightful debut that Jane Austen would be proud of' MICAH PERKS.

Buchtitel:Family Trust
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