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Still Midnight von Denise Mina PDF

von Denise Mina

Still Midnight von Denise Mina PDF
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A brutal attack. A mysterious demand for money. An unexpected kidnap... A superb novel from the two-time winner of the THEAKSTONS OLD PECULIER CRIME NOVEL OF THE YEAR AWARD.

It's a peaceful Sunday evening in suburban Glasgow until a battered van pulls up to one home and disgorges a group of armed men in balaclavas. They smash into the house and hold the family at gunpoint and demand millions of pounds. Baffled, the assembled people protest that they don't have access to that sort of money. The attackers kidnap the elderly grandfather and storm off into the night.

Now senior policewoman Alex Morrow has been summoned to investigate the case. But there are so many mysteries. Who were the men? And why did they think a normal household concealed untold riches? The family is certainly not talking. But as she starts to delve deeper, she realises that there are dark secrets all around...

Buchtitel:Still Midnight
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